CFO on-demand is very different to an accountant or bookkeeper because their assistance extends beyond day-to-day administration. They are responsible for driving the overall business strategy and ensuring that the business maximizes its financial advantages and minimizes its financial risk.

They look behind the numbers and make sure business owners understand their financial information so they can make informed decisions. They can even sit in on planning and management meetings so that they are across all aspects of your business.

An additional bonus to startups is that an CFO on-demand, even part time, adds credibility to the company and gives stakeholders confidence in knowing someone independent is involved with the financial running of the company.

Hiring an CFO on-demand can be a game-changer for most businesses. Businesses between $1 million and $20 million in revenue generally see the best results, however on demand CFOs can be revolutionary for businesses of any size.


M2 Financial Services – CFO on Demand was created to bring to start-ups, and SME sector the opportunity of having an experienced Chief Financial Officer involved in the day to day activity of their business but without the cost of a full time employee.

In order to make informed decisions business owners need to be provided with up to date information. In these businesses there are valuable sources of data but this needs to be consolidated into a useable format in order to support the decision process. CFO on Demand can assist clients to turn their data into information and to improve the effectiveness of the decisions made within their business.

Perhaps you just need to brainstorm with somebody who has over 20 years’ experience working with small businesses and global companies; an expert who knows how to improve a company’s performance.

Don’t underestimate the importance of access to an expert when it comes to making important business decisions.
This could be the best move you ever make!

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Our Values

Our Approach
Intimate Bussines Partnership
Onsite/ Offsite & Available to help
We Search for Actionable Insights
Delivery and Execution Focused
Commercially Minded Not Transactional

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CFO’s On Demand
Management Performance Measurement – Dashboards &Scorecards – Financial Reporting – KPI’s. Cash flow – Management, modelling & reporting
Budgeting and forecasting – Preparation, modelling, analysis, management & reporting Finance process revision – Diagnostics – Development & implementation of controls and processes
Strategic planning Corporate Finance – M&A, Due Diligence & Consulting
Turnaround & restructuring Financial Leadership – Finance Director
Tax Planning & Transference Price  
Statutory Package’ Services
Accounting Services Tax compliance & filing services
HR & Payroll Liaison with banks, lawyers and notaries. 











When You Might Use A CFO On-Demand?

  • When you think your company should be more profitable.
  • When you need assistance with strategic planning.
  • When you could benefit from an experienced sounding board for discussing ideas.
  • When you could use some meaningful financial analysis.
  • When your financial systems do not produce timely and accurate information for reporting purposes and decision-making.
  • When you are spending too much time in accounting and financial management.
  • When your systems that measure operations performance do not produce timely and accurate statistics for the purpose of making informed decisions.
  • When you are not absolutely certain which factors are most important in driving (or limiting) the growth and profitability of your company;
  • When you don´t know how those Key Performance Indicators should be tracked and analyzed;
  • When you don´t I identify how the Key Performance Indicators should affect your strategy.
  • When you feel like your organization may not be structured in the best way to facilitate growth and efficient operation.

What would a CFO On-Demand do for my company?
It depends on your company’s needs. The short answer is that which your own CFO or controller would do. The difference is we have more experience and expertise on which to draw, and we only charge you when we are there.

Does “On Demand” mean that CFOs On-Demand are only available online or over the phone? What if I need someone onsite?
The “On Demand” in On Demand CFOs actually refers to the fact that we are not full-time employees. Otherwise we are very real. We work almost exclusively onsite at the client’s location where we can be most effective.

Why do I need a CFO On-Demand if I have a Public Accountant?
On Demand CFOs are professionals in financial management. That is all we do. Public Accountants are professionals in taxes, financial statement preparation, and auditing. 

What is the difference between a CFO On-Demand, a part time CFO, a fractional CFO, and a financial management consultant?
They are all terms used to describe a highly skilled financial professional who can provide a company with financial expertise and leadership that they would not have unless they had a full time CFO.

Why do I need a CFO On-Demand if my company has a controller?
CFOs On Demand are professionals in financial management. That is all we do. Public Accountants are professionals in taxes, financial statement preparation, and auditing. Asking your Public Accountant to assist your company in financial management and strategic planning is a little like asking your architect to build your building.

Is having a CFO On-Demand expensive?
The idea of having a On Demand CFO is that your company only uses him for things that do not occur every day. Your staff is (or should be) able to handle day-to-day activity. (See our list of services on this website for areas in which your On Demand CFO can be used most effectively. For these areas you should be looking for quality financial management, not quantity. One key decision based on the right information can make all the difference to your company.) A On Demand CFO only works for you when you need him. It might be a day a week or a day a month. The cost at a day a week is less than half of the cost of a full-time controller.

What if I don’t think I need a CFO On-Demand every week? What if I just have a project I need completed?
On Demand CFOs will complete the projects your staff cannot.